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iDiD is easy to integrate with various communications, resource management and enterprise resource planning systems.

Available integrations

We offer our ready-made an published integration tools for iDiD content with no additional charges. Integrations are widely used, e.g. for

  • Public transport schedules
  • Menus
  • News feeds
  • Weather information
  • Clocks and counters
  • Twitter
  • YouTube, etc.


iDiD Connectors

iDiD can be integrated with various systems by using iDiD Connectors, e.g.

  • Timmi
  • Yammer
  • PowerBI
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • Exchange
  • Peppi
  • RSS

The Connectors that do not require additional customisation are available to all of our clients with no additional charge.

Ask us for more information!

Tuesday is a demo day

DiD you know? Every Tuesday we offer a free demo of iDiD digital signage!