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iDiD – easy-to-use management system for digital signage

iDiD is software as a service (SaaS) for managing, publishing and editing content on multiple digital signage and touch screens.

Each player device is equipped with iDiD player software that retrieves content from the server and ensures their timely display on screens. Managing content is done with a web browser using the online management.

Creating content does not require installing software and using the manager is possible with a mobile browser or a tablet.



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Hardware, displays, player devices


High-quality displays and reliable player devices

System integrations


iDiD can be integrated with external systems


In the whole comprising of hardware, management software, and content, users are the most important part. That is why iDiD was developed to be as easy to use and flexible as possible. We want to stand out from the vast array of software that requires technical training to use or that is simply not used because of poor usability.

We also offer training free of charge several times a month.

Mobile flexibility

iDiD management is available from anywhere at any time. Updating content does not require installing software on your devices. Managing content is possible with any mobile device with a browser, such as a smart phone or a tablet.

The manager is also available as an Android app.

Advanced technological solutions

Technologically iDiD represents the cutting edge of web services and was developed using the latest and most efficient programming techniques. For the user, iDiD functions on normal HTML5 techniques that are used to implement software independent of the hardware and operating system. The product development of the system is driven from the point of optimising display content for the performance of the Digital Signage displays, and utilising the opportunities brought about by touch screens.

Interactive displays

The interactive features for touch screens can be ready-made online material or content and services custom-made for touch screens. Usually touch screen content comprise of local or web-based solutions.

Integratable iDiD

iDiD allows versatile integrations with different data sources.

If the data needed for the content already exists in another system, iDiD will retrieve it for the digital signage displays. We already offer a variety of ready-made integrations, and we can add more as needed. 

iDiD player for all operating systems

iDiD player software is compatible with all operating systems: