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iDiD digital signage

Developed in Finland, iDiD is a versatile content management system for digital signage, helping you create, update and schedule digital signage content flexibly.

The clear, browser-based software is easy to use, even with mobile devices. It is a system that is scalable according to your needs.

The user fee includes the software as a web service, comprehensive customer support, regular training and continuous product development.

Managing digital signage

Smooth content management

At the core of a digital signage system is a user-friendly web-based and flexible manager for easy content publishing.

Hardware, digital signage, player device


In addition to software, you will need hardware suitable for the purpose. You can find them easily through us and our partners.

Support and training

Training and

Customer support and user training are always included in the iDiD user fee. Also, we offer a free demo every Tuesday. Sign up for a demo.

Digital signage – dozens of uses

Hundreds of clients and thousands of screens – in Finland and in more than 10 other countries.

iDiD is used in a variety of ways in several locations and for many purposes  for internal communications, at storefronts for advertising, in daycare centres to sign in children, for industrial communications and as hallway screens in blocks of flats.

iDiD digital signage is used with screens of all sizes and shapes – ranging from a few-inch meeting room calendars to LED walls spanning dozens of metres.

The hierarchical structure of iDiD makes it highly scalable –  from managing one screen in a foyer to managing an organization with hundreds of branches, screens and users.

Demo Image

Modern user interface with Nordic twist

The iDiD UI is designed from the user's point of view. Publishing and updating is done easily with a computer, tablet or a mobile phone. 

The management is available for web browser and as an Android app.

Kustannustehokkaat laitteet

Cost-efficient hardware

In addition to providing software, we can help you determine the appropriate hardware for the purpose.

We can help you find professional-level displays, cost-efficient player devices as well as other supplies.

High-quality hardware with a warranty.


Tuesday is a demo day

DiD you know? Every Tuesday we offer a free demo of iDiD digital signage!