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 General Features

The system uses a SaaS model.  
The system is browser-based.  
The system has no limitations on the number of users.  
The system has no limitations on the number of player devices or displays.  
The system and the player devices are compatible with the client's existing HDMI compatible displays.  
The system can be used with various types of displays, e.g. large LED screens, and it supports displays with different resolutions and aspect ratios (e.g. rinkside advertising at ice hockey arenas).  
The content editor can prioritise content, edit display frequency and manage the order in which content is shown.  
The system enables publishing content on all screens at once, or targeting at specific groups or individual displays.  
The player software can be installed on embedded digital signage media players (SoC).  


The template creator can freely create and edit any number of templates for use with the wysiwyg editor tool


The system is used with the latest versions of the most common web browsers.

Using the system does not require installing plugins or add-ons (e.g. Java, Silverlight or Flash).  
You can edit content with touch screen devices such as tablets or smart phones.  
The system includes a content editor with a preview feature that enables content preview in the browser.  
The template creator can define and restrict user permissions of the elements in a template.  
The user can edit and delete content in the manager according to their user permissions.  
The content editor can easily update text-based content in specified areas of a template according to their user permissions.  
The manager UI is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.  
Content can contain cyrillic or other foreign scripts.  



 User Accounts

The main user can manage user accounts.  
User account management is available as a service.  
There are at least four available user levels.  
The user is only able to access the parts of the management within their user permissions.  
The user is only able to access the content and templates within their user permissions.  


Digital signage enables displaying different types of information from different sources at the same time (e.g. text, image, external feed).  
The system supports the most common file formats (e.g. .jpg, .png, .pdf, mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mov, .mpg, .flv, pptx, docx, xlsx)  
The system enables displaying external websites directly using their URL address.  
The external websites displayed with iDiD can be restyled using CSS injections.  
External web pages can be shown in html format or be converted into images.  
The system enables displaying webpages that use javascript.  
Each individual content can be scheduled with a specific date range, days of the week, and time to the minute.  
To make managing even faster, you can create schedules to apply to content with identical schedule.  
The system enables displaying content from social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, etc.).  
The system enables uploading and using the client's own fonts.  


The provider monitors the system status and is responsible for its operation.  
The user can subscribe to receive automatic notifications of offline players.  
All the servers and connections of the system are redundant.  
The availability level of the system is 99.5% at a minimum.  


Different organisations or their parts can make content channels for each other's use.  
A third party can use html5 techniques to develop integrations and extensions that can be added as content.  
The server environment can be decentralised to several locations or countries.  
The system has a language version editor that enables adding new languages in the UI.  

 Support and Training

Customer support and training are included in the user fee.  
Our customer support is available via the support site, chat, email and by phone.  
The service comes with English and Finnish online user guides.  

* We reserve the right to add features without notice to the user and to change the feature list. The up-to-date service description is delivered together with the quotation and/or contract.

Tuesday is a demo day

DiD you know? Every Tuesday we offer a free demo of iDiD digital signage!