iDiD Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a solution for marketing and communicating that has quickly emerged to complete and partly replace earlier marketing communications. It offers a wide range of applications: in shop windows, in-store, at schools, in lobbies and as interactive tools to serve customers. Digital Signage offers practical solutions at trade fairs and other events.


Campaign products, offers, related products and outlet. Effective in-store marketing.

Internal communication

Visitors, events, sales, emergencies. Efficient - Integrate into your intranet.

Sell advertising

Advertise your partners and products on location. Targeted marketing.

Why iDiD?

iDiD is an effective and easily operated solution for communicating in public locations. High-quality info and touch screens suit your needs for marketing, informing and entertaining. You can display almost any content on the screens: videos, images, animations, text. The screens are easy to manage through the web by simply using your browser. You can manage several screens at once regardless of their physical location.


Stores-within-a-store, shop windows, waiting rooms and fairs. Communicate dynamically.


Guide, teach, lead and inform. Scheduled and impressive.

Entertain and notify

Put the waiting time into use. Profit from lines and waiting rooms.

iDiD in Action

Posted on 05/10/2015 by Heidi Järvikylä
Posted on 05/10/2015 by Heidi Järvikylä
Posted on 05/10/2015 by Heidi Järvikylä
Posted on 28/07/2015 by Heidi Järvikylä